Good erotica is not always about pleasure. Sex itself is often not equally pleasing to the body, heart, and mind. We are complex beings with many emotions, like snowflakes, no two alike. Sex can leave you wanting or satiated. Sometimes sex makes you sad. Sometimes, happy.

You might find it as difficult looking at something sexy as you do something distressing. It can be easy to look away and no longer see or recognize your sexuality except in narrowly defined, socially acceptable ways. This is true especially when examining our deepest sexual desires or curiosities and sharing them with others. Sometimes, the sex we really want is plain, complex, or comical. Sometimes, it’s just kinky

If good sex seems in any way unattainable, if our imperfect desires no longer feel beautiful, it is likely because we tend to turn our eyes from things that make us feel vulnerable or alone. The reality is that sex can be anything you like, if only you dare look it right in the eye and open yourself to its possibilities.

Sex is many things, to many people, in many ways. Here, you will read stories exploring the various facets of our sexuality, from the serious to the absurd, the sad to the joyous, and everything in between.

I will not shy away from subjects that might make you squirm. My goal is to create the best stories I can. If you are prudish and I offend, good. If I turn you on, better. If I make you think, nirvana.


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  1. I have always enjoyed your writings because they make me think; sometimes dark, sometimes almost frightening, but always beautiful. I'm one of those who always read but rarely comment, usually because I'm so blown away I can't comment coherently. I will try to do better in the future; you deserve to hear how much your readers enjoy your writing.

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