What Book is That?

Reading the great reviews for La Belle Mort has been such a pleasure (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute). Here’s another one posted today –

From the wonderful blog, What Book is ThatProbably the biggest standout for me was “La Belle Mort” by Zander Vyne, where a noblewoman sentenced to hang for theft meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her to have faith in the most unorthodox of ways and then ends on the biggest cliffhanger.  It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure taken to the extreme.

For a long time, I belonged to a writer’s group. Every now and then, I’d post a story only to have someone rip it to shreds – telling me all the reasons it would never sell, was offensive, or just plain wrong. Today, as I sip a glass of wine (red, of course!), and read more reviews by readers who really love what I created, I’m glad I persisted. I’m proud I stuck to my convictions and didn’t give up on stories like this one. I can also share with you that I’ve sold every story someone in that writer’s group ever told me wasn’t good enough. I guess I really should say thank you to them too! Maybe having something to fight for gave my words more bite.

I am grateful for readers who like it dark, just the way I do, and for editors like Mitzi Szereto who had the vision to give a home to the wonderful, eclectic and literary stories in Red Velvet And Absinthe. Thank you.

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