Interview With a Vampire Hunter

I hate doing interviews, but Oliver Ripley loves the limelight. He’s over at the VampChix Blog today, hanging at the “Bite Club” (First rule of the bite club: Tell everybody about the Bite Club.)

Here’s a nibble –

VampChix Interview With a Vampire

I’m excited to have Oliver Ripley, the star of Zander Vyne’s new novella, Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, on the blog today. In the first book of the series, Vyne introduces us to a secret world of vampires and vampire hunters, unlike any you’ve read about before. Please welcome Oliver to the blog!

VC: What made you decide to come tell us your story?

Oliver: Humans are fascinated with vampires and supernatural creatures, and don’t realize they’re being wooed by beings who, in reality, are hunting them. Historically, vampire hunters have operated in secrecy, shielding humans from the frightening reality, but I think it’s about time someone told vampire fans the truth because they are the ones in the most danger.

VC: Can you tell us about your vampire hunting family?

Oliver: The Ripleys have a special gift that allows us to sense vampires. That same gift casts a protective shield around us—an aura of sorts—so the vampires we target find us especially irresistible. With their defenses down, vampires are easy to kill.

VC: I can’t help but wonder, being a fictional vampire fan and all, if there are any good vampires out there, ones who mean no harm to humans.

 Visit the VampChix to read more (and, while you’re there, grab your free book link).

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