C.M. Brown’s Review of IMMORAL

After attacks by a weird, crazy writer, and a bunch of religious trolls, it was so nice to see this review of IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter by fantasy author C.M. Brown:

Oliver Ripley is a Vampire Hunter and so are the rest of his family, but to kill vampires these hunters don’t use stakes, garlic or holy water, No, they kill vampires during a good old romp in the hay, where their soul does battle with the vamp’s.

When Oliver meets Miranda, he feels drawn to her, as if he was meant to be with her, the only thing is she is a vampire, born into the ruling house of Vladulas.

He knows he can’t have a normal relationship with Miranda without killing her, but still he can’t stop himself from seeing with her.

This very unusual storyline in Immoral Tales of a Vampire Hunter, by Zander Vyne is quite engaging and although the story’s core revolves around sex, it is not a sexually explicit tale and would suit a New Adult audience.

*Just for fun, the cover shared here is an early version.

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