short stories

Rejected (and a Story)

My writing year began with a rejection email from an editor. The story I’d submitted approached erotica from a different angle, one that looked at the people behind the pussies and cocks and orgasms. It dealt with dominance and submission and explored how scary the roles are for newbies. How foreign, yet yearned for. How surprising and serious. How life-changing.


“Kiss me,” Jennifer said. “No,” Jack said, walking away. What the hell? Jennifer thought, stiffening against the crisscrossed ropes binding her to the mast of the sailboat. They had played pirate a lot during this trip. Ridiculous things mostly. Fake sword fighting, saying “arrrggghhh” at every opportunity, but this was serious—tied up, she was Jack’s captive, the loser in a

“Break Glass if Broken”

I should have known better. I should have stayed home, remained alone. I should have known better. Once you are an adult, every story begins in the middle. Mine is no different. The unpleasant details of what had come before do not need sharing, though they had brought me to New York where I could hide. My job allowed me

Amaranthine Rain – A Short Story

It’s raining. Raindrops compose rhythmic, pitter-patter music as they caress my skin. They leave a brackish tang on my tongue and the scent of springtime in my nose. Bathed by soothing mist and ambient light, I lie upon warm dirt. Flowers sprout between my fingers, tickling. Newly formed petals nod their colorful heads as they bloom—lilac, indigo, cerulean hues. I

Tales of a Vampire Hunter: The Complete Trilogy (Tales of a Vampire Hunter Book 4) The world we know has grown unkind, the dangers unseen by humans. Creatures lurk in the shadows. Vampires feed on people and grow in numbers, while ancient and evil beings plot everyone’s ultimate destruction. When worlds collide, and man and supernatural creatures teeter on the