zander vyne

Tales of a Vampire Hunter: The Complete Trilogy (Tales of a Vampire Hunter Book 4) The world we know has grown unkind, the dangers unseen by humans. Creatures lurk in the shadows. Vampires feed on people and grow in numbers, while ancient and evil beings plot everyone’s ultimate destruction. When worlds collide, and man and supernatural creatures teeter on the


THEY WANT BLOOD  They want blood – dark twisted pain, torn flesh and fantasy.They don’t know you, the real you because they don’t wish to, not really. They only see the sum of the puzzle – parts they long to gobble, picking at your tawdry buffet, wanting to destroy it, wallow in it, and feed off of it until a

Flash Fiction

MAYBE NEXT TIME Ding-dong Eighty-five, alone; Lillian is cautious.  Who’s at her door?  Pranksters, robbers, Mormons? Frank would’ve been amused – intrepid Lillian afraid!  She misses him; he’d loved her well, with his mouth when nothing else cooperated. Ding-dong Lillian contemplates the neighboring old-timer, a widower.  She imagines him here, wildflowers in hand.  Would he be shocked to know she’s

About Zander Vyne

Zander started writing in high school (where she got suspended for running an underground newspaper and writing short stories for other students). She decided to get serious about the craft after a stint at a film production company in LA, where she read over 1,000 scripts. During that time, she lived on a 36′ Erickson sailboat, ran a successful pet