Weather Girl

He wanted to chase storms.

I wanted to fuck him.

Things would have worked out fine, if it hadn’t been for the final storm.

Seth Johnson was everything my mama had warned me about—sexy, charming, and very married. In my defense, I didn’t find out he was married until after we’d fucked the first time. It happened on the job—real professional, I know—but, the thing is, when you’re chasing storms there’s this electricity in the air from the lightning, the wind, and the danger. It’s easy to get caught up in it and carried away.

I was Dorothy. Seth was the tornado.

The first time I saw Seth, he was on the Weather Channel talking about a hurricane threatening Florida. Around him, trees whipped back and forth, bent nearly in two. Lightning struck a pole near his Jeep, but he was not afraid; he was excited. I swear, a car flew by him at one point and he just grinned. The footage made my nipples hard and my pussy wet, something that hadn’t happened in a long time.

Later, I watched him on CNN showing off his latest video and talking about a once in a lifetime opportunity to storm chase one-on-one with him in his chase vehicle as a volunteer with his team. Volunteers could drive their own cars as part of the team but I was not interested in that. No, I wanted to be sitting next to Mr. six-foot-five, fine as hell, badass, storm chaser extraordinaire, Seth.

I interviewed with his assistant, got the job, and the rest is history.

We had each other’s clothes off by lunchtime my first day. All morning we sat in his car, listening to the storm reports as he wooed me with talk of F-5 tornados, category five hurricanes, flash floods, baseball-sized hailstones, and lightning strikes.

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0 thoughts on “Weather Girl

  1. Great news about your contest win! This is so different from your usual stuff, but I like it a lot. I’d like to read more about her adventures. Maybe you’ll do a series?

  2. dear jen,

    I’ve been away, and just saw your comment. Thanks for the congrats! I’d be a lot more thrilled about the win if Desdmona’s ever paid me. I’ve got a darker series in the works, but have tucked away our foul weather friend for other adventures.


  3. Readers,

    To be “fair”, here’s a follow-up to anyone who cares…I finally got paid for this story. So far though they’ve ignored my requests to fix the typos they inserted in my story when they published it which begs a question – is it better to be published badly than not at all?

    Food for thought.

  4. Great fun, and you’ve created a good, solid character in your narrator. Very convincing tone of voice, nice twist at the end, and I loved your little reference to her “nipple issue.” Boy, I know that one!

    Very fine job.

  5. Hey oatmeal girl,

    I am glad you enjoyed it and found things to relate to (though who doesn't know about – and sometimes love – that nipple thing :>)

    Thanks for reading with me and for taking a moment to comment.


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