A poem, by oatmeal girl

I am very pleased to publish a poem written by the fascinating oatmeal girl.

She writes with a gut-wrenching honesty about domination and submission, drawing from her own experiences, sharing everything – the pain, the pleasure, the frustrations and joys. Her work can be in-your-face, squirm inducing, and soul revealing. This is no exception.

Her erotica speaks for itself, but I had to know why she calls herself oatmeal girl, and this is what she told me:

I had been learning more about submission from reading blogs and such, but hadn’t felt entitled to comment until having an in-the-flesh experience. My first was with a pinhole photographer. We decided we would undertake a full project when he was here. That meant eating a hell of a lot of oatmeal, or begging for oatmeal boxes from other people. Because, unless you want to re-load the camera for every shot you take, you need a full component of boxes ready to go, each containing a sheet of photo-sensitive paper.

Luckily, the supermarket had a sale on oatmeal. 10 boxes for $10! Problem solved. Except that it left me with two huge plastic containers of the contents of those boxes. That was over 2 years ago, and I still haven’t baked enough oatmeal cookies to use it all up!

Only after looking at herself through the eyes of a Dom, through his pinhole lens, did she find her true sense of submission, and transform herself into oatmeal girl.

To read her haunting poem, Auto da fé, click here. Don’t forget to leave her comments.

To visit her blog, Submission & Metaphor, click here.

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