I’m Doing It

I’m Nanowrimo’s bitch this November. Writers have been telling me for years what a life changing experience writing a novel in thirty days was for them. This year, I’m taking the plunge and joining them.

Gearing up, I’ve read a lot of pep talks, advice, and dire warnings. I’ve decided to listen to one thing: write what you’d love to read. I love to read many things, in several genres, but one thing I haven’t read much of is a story told from the perspective of a middle-aged, not-perfect woman. Women’s fiction today is populated by women with amazing jobs, perfect bodies and every name brand accessory money can buy. Or, they are fat, and want to be thin; losers who want to win (at anything); manless in search of a man. But, where are the stories about fairly normal people, who are pretty happy with their lives, but still have dreams? Where are the stories about normal people, living in normal towns, who just wonder sometimes if they took a wrong turn? Where are the books about women who don’t need to change their outer selves to find inner satisfaction?

That’s the book I am going to write in November. My main character will have a chance to take that turn she missed and live the life she might have had. She won’t do it through time travel or some strange loophole allowing her to wake from a coma and step into someone else’s life. Though I am known for erotica, no one’s going to be getting it on in this one. Well, not in the same way they might if erotic was my focus. Though I write horror, the scariest thing in this one will be a case of self tanner gone awry.  I guess my nanowrimo book would be considered “chick lit” in today’s market, or possibly romance, if romancing yourself counts. Mostly, I aim to tell a good story about a character I can cheer for.

Follow me on nanowrimo’s website if you’d like to read along, and hold my hand during this experiment in writing something completely different.

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