So, How’s IMMORAL: Tales of a Vampire Hunter Selling (After Releasing Way Ahead of Schedule)?

If you’ve been following along, you know I published Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter on the 16th. I’d intended to put it out October 25th and had a very organized and pretty calendar of tasks I wanted to complete before the release date. Long story short, I screwed up and sent my baby out into the world. And . . . it did okay.

Yesterday, it hit #31 in its category. I was just happy to see it on any list, so 31st was worthy of celebration in my book. Granted, some of the sales came from friends, but complete strangers also bought it and a few even posted five star reviews. Yay!

I’ve been pimping it here and there, and so far find every review site is back-logged with review requests and won’t even look at it. Lesson learned – trying to get reviews WAY in advance really IS a good idea. Reviewers don’t care who you are, or how good your book sounds. They’re just swamped. I did have a few offer to do reviews if I paid for them (aha…light bulb – THAT’S how the big publishers get those top review spots. They pay huge bucks for them). As for me, I said no thanks. I’d rather have honest reviews by people who like paranormal vampire romance and will read and review Immoral because they want to help readers find good books, not because they want to fill their bank accounts and don’t give a crap about how good a book is to give a glowing review.

So, I’m still learning. Still having a blast. Still working the day job and dreaming of someday being able to write all the time and actually make enough money to live. If you’re the only person reading this post, I’m good with that. Thanks for being here.

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