You Won’t Find Zander Vyne Blog Hopping (I Promise)

I turned down opportunities for blog hops today. I was comfortable with my refusal when I said no. But now there’s a pesky little voice in my head saying I should do whatever it takes to sell books, and the plethora of posts on social media about everyone else’s blog hopping is troubling me.

See, when I was a kid, I thought writing would be the perfect job for an introvert like me. I pictured long hours writing in a peaceful office, or maybe curled up in a hammock by myself. But the world of writing has changed. Writers do book tours, and manage their own social media campaigns. They actively seek out other authors to gang up to mass-market together.

To be a writer today, do I really have to blog hop? I don’t want to participate in one. I don’t even want to attend one, or click on a link that might suck me into some merry-go-round author hop around the internet. No offense, fellow writers. I like you. I like your books. But I don’t want to follow you around the ‘net or beg people to buy your books (or mine) every five seconds on every social media outlet the way many of you seem to do. God help me if I start feeling like I have to post those “What YOU can do to help your author friends” memes.

Do I have to become someone I am not (i.e. extroverted and pushy)? I’m more of a behind the scenes person. I like doing blog posts for other writers, and would do them again if asked by someone I know. I’m really good one on one. I like people in small doses, and they usually like me. I hope people read my books because they like the stories I tell, not because they’ve been beaten into submission because of my constant sales efforts. I hope they find me on Facebook or Twitter or comment here on my blog because they, like me, like talking about their favorite books.

So I’m making a deal with myself (and you); I’ll just be me, and you be you and if you’d like to read my stuff that’d be nifty. If you like it enough to tell a friend about it, cool. But, I won’t push you and you won’t push me. You’re welcome to come into my safe, quiet little world and relax. I’ll make you some tea. We can read together. It will be nice. I promise.

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