Gifts, all Year

One of the best things about being a writer is sharing the love of books with others. This year, I’m thankful to every friend who helped me plot, every beta reader who found a typo or mistake (silver for vampires, anyone?) or spent their valuable book time reading or reviewing something I wrote. I am especially grateful to the Facebook beta-readers and writers group “The Slush Pile” for hooking me up with so many readers eager to offer their thoughts on early drafts of my work.

And I’m grateful to be included in ML Doyle’s list of her favorite beta reads this year. She’s a talented writer, and a bit of a badass in real life, so her female characters are always strong, smart, and sexy. She’s my go-to reviewer, and I was so excited she included me along with DL Molles (who just landed a major publishing deal). I ate up his zombie series, and I can’t wait to read his new book, Wolves.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone, and thanks for sharing your love of books all year long!

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