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Book Reviewer’s Cheat Sheet

Many readers tell me they’d love to review more books, but since they are not writers, the whole idea makes them nervous. Reviews mean so much to writers, and so few real readers leave them. Feedback keeps us going and gives us direction. Reviews allow our work to be seen in places like Amazon and BookBub (which is why so

Review – Beautiful Losers

I’m a big fan of Remittance Girl. She writes more than just sex scenes. I’m not sure where the story took place. If it was mentioned, I missed it. The culture and place take a backseat and the focus is almost entirely on the micro world the main characters create for themselves.In this one, she offers a story about a

Review – I, Zombie

I’ve never read a book about zombies from the zombie perspective, and I have to admit I was nervous about this one. I loved Hugh Howey’s WOOL series, and I adore a good zombie book or movie, but the marketing for this one had convinced me that I, Zombie would focus on the gore to an extreme I wasn’t sure

Review – Solstice

Yay! Something different for zombie genre lovers. And, it’s well written, and error free. Kudos to the author, Donna Burgess.This was a free download. I’ve been on a quest to download, read, and review as many free e-books as possible. I only download items in genres I regularly read that sound interesting.Solstice reads like the well-edited work of someone who’s been