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The new edition collects all three Tales of a Vampire Hunter books into one fat, sexy novel!

“Intense, dark, erotic, captivating, suspenseful, and deeply thrilling.”

“Not your typical vampire story. A riveting combination of adventure, dark paranormal fantasy, and romance.”

“A fun series with a unique twist on vampire and vampire hunter lore drawing from mythology that most authors haven’t even considered.”



Tales of a Vampire Hunter

The world is unkind; dangers lurk in shadows, unseen by humans.

Vampires secretly grow in number and power, while ancient, evil beings plot ultimate rule.

When our worlds collide, an untried vampire hunter, a gifted little girl, a wary vampire, and a mutant werewolf search the ends of the earth and beyond for a way to save us all.

Amaranthine Rain

Twenty new and previously published short stories featuring characters who traverse the edges of sexuality. Seemingly mild plots sink into deep horror, passions lead from commuter trains to vampire lairs, dragon caves to hotel bars, bookstores to fortune teller’s tents, and each setting is as distinct as the people we meet inside. Whether we are voyeurs with an all-access pass, inside the twisted brain of a cold killer, or a broken woman finding new strength, each tale extends the limits of erotic fiction.

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Tales of a Vampire Hunter
Book One

His allure is like catnip, but is he casting a vampire hunter’s deadly and bewitching spell, or does he really want to help her? Falling for him could kill her, but she’s powerless to resist him.

Star-Crossed Love

The Truth Might Kill Them, but First, They’ll Have to Survive Each Other

Novellas and Short Story Collections

Depraved: Tales of a Vampire Hunter #2

Against all odds, Oliver and Miranda fell in love after discovering the shocking truth about their mutant vampire hunter/vampire genetics. In this sequel to the #1 bestselling paranormal thriller, Immoral, they fall into the trap of ancient, powerful creatures who seek to use their unique abilities for their sinister desires.

Bespelled: Tales of a Vampire Hunter #3

Oliver Ripley is older, wiser, and harder . He is a man drowning in pain, excess and guilt, hell-bent on punishing himself and taking down as many vampires as possible in the process. Immoral and depraved, he’s become the thing he swore he’d never be. Seeking only revenge, he leaves only death in his wake until everything changes, and he must find the human soul within himself to stop a demonic plot to destroy us all.

Smoke and Mirrors

Weather Girl and Other Short Stories

Eater of Vampires

Short Stories

I Like to Watch Tonight. She’s Yours, an anthology edited by Rose Caraway

Red House: -Darker Edge of Desire, an anthology edited by Mitzi Szereto

Under a Perfect Sun: Love, Lust, and Zombies, an Anthology edited by Mitzi Szereto

La Belle Mort: Maxim Jakubowski’s Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 12

Whiter Than Snow: Maxim Jakubowski’s Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 11

The Last Sacrifice: Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist, and Fire

La Belle Mort, Red Velvet and Absinthe: Gothic Tales of Erotic Romance

Tricked: Too Much Boogie: Erotic Remixes of The Dirty Blues

Amethyst’s Feather: Garden of the Perverse: Fairy Tales for Twisted Adults

Adrift: Pirate Booty

Eden, Underwater

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Best known for her short fiction, Zander is currently writing a YA thriller and a romance inspired by Tales From the Arabian Nights. She lives in a small village near Chicago, Illinois.